(macOS 10.12 Sierra edition) How to recognize GPU via Thunderbolt external PCIe Box at MacOSX

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This is an article about how to recognize GPU via Thunderbolt external PCIe box at macOS 10.12 Sierra.


  1. Mac (I used MacBookPro Early 2013)
  2. NA-211TB
  3. Text Wrangler (Text Editor)
  4. CUDA driver mac edition (from NVIDIA)
  5. NVIDIA GeForceGTX TITAN  (Kepler)
Restart your Mac while holding down the Command-R.

Starting up "Terminal" from the "Utilities" menu. And run the following command:
csrutil disable
If correct, "Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection. ~~ " message should appear like that.
And restart your mac.

Enable development mode.
sudo nvram boot-args=”kext-dev-mode=1″
Rewrite the Kext file.
And it is necessary to rewrite a little bit kernel extension files to work the GPU board via Thunderbolt. (Do not worry, It is not so much.) 
Editor software is required when rewriting the kernel extension file. It is an application of that handy Text Wrangler. Rather than the version that comes out by searching from the AppStore, this app, please use the version which is provided by the developer of Text Wrangler absolutely. (not good Otherwise)

/// note: The following procedure at your own risk. Please be sure to take a backup in case of emergency. ///

Open the following file,


For example,
"Show Package Contents" by secondary-clicking on the NVDAStartup.kext. 
There is a file called "info.plist" When you open the Contents folder. 
Select and "Open with" and "TextWrangler" secondary-click on it. 
And Key / string written by xml When you open the file will be displayed.

In this file, look for sections beginning with <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> and add just before </dict>, the two following lines :


There are several sections that CFBundleIdentifier. Not miss it, please add the code.

Note: If you update your OS, seems there is a need to do this again.

Install CUDA driver.
CUDA is required. Please be sure to update already if CUDA is installed. 
You can update the "CUDA" System Preferences --> "Install CUDA Update".
Please install the latest version be sure if it is not installed.
Download from the following.
The current version is 8.0.46(2016/10/3)

Finally, clear the cache of the kernel extension.
Start a terminal.app and type the following command.
sudo kextcache -system-caches
Turn off the power once, 
Connect with Thunderbolt cable NA211TB and mac, and turn on the power.

If the NVIDIA driver has been installed, please select the "OS X Default Graphics Driver" from NVIDIA icon in the menu bar.
At the moment. If you selected the NVIDIA Web Driver, Mac does not start properly.

You should use OS X Default Driver

May the GeForce be with you.

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